About Us

Established in 1995, Sinem Tekstil Brode, is the first company in Kocaeli (Turkey) city in manufacturing embroidery which brought it’s 20 years of experience and knowledge from Austria at embroidery manufacturing. Sinem Tekstil Brode had a start with 1500 m2 outdoor and 500 m2 indoor produce area and in the following years, with his young and dynamic structure and well educated and skilled staff it accomplished new investments with an increasing rate in the export and domestic market charts. Today, Sinem Tekstil Brode is manufacturing by the ultimate technology embroidery machines and equipments with specific pattern designs and keeps expanding it’s capacity from day to day.

Specialized in underwear fashion, Sinem Textile Brode has Guipure, Festoon, Applique, Collar, Braiding, Tulle, Lace and Special fantasy embroidery in it’s wide range of products. 

Paying a special attention for innovation, Sinem Tekstil Brode is manufacturing according to customer demands and performance so it has been one of best embroidery facilities in TURKEY.

Economic Materials


Affordable products that can answer your needs with a rich material choice.

Fresh Solutions


Unique design, production planning and process management developed specifically for you.

New Technologies


Most modern production services with modern and high quality machine park.


We offer two way solution partnership as Sinem Textile.

If you are doing domestic production and you do not have experience in exporting, you can contact us and open the door of exporting company.

If you are exporting but looking for a stable production facility, you can get in contact with us again and meet our quality and affordable services.